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Worship Volunteer Guidelines    
Lakeview United Church of Christ Volunteer Information


A brief overview of how we do our best to be inclusive and meet all people’s needs:


We strive to emulate Christ’s extravagant welcome to all and believe all disciples are capable of doing so.

What Does it Mean to be Inclusive?

At LUCC, we have worked with the UCC Disabilities Ministry Team to do our best to make all people feel included in our space of worship, both in the building and during our services.

We do what we can to cover all bases so people’s needs are met without them having to raise them as a concern.

We use the classic understanding of people’s 5 senses to illustrate this concept. As a volunteer in any capacity, we ask that you think of each sense and as you assess your surroundings each Sunday morning, you adjust anything that is needed to make the space more accessible to all.



  •     Are all lights on so everyone can see adequately? 
  •     Are there large print bulletins available and given to each member     so  they do not have to ask?
  •     Are signs clear of access that is blocking the view of each person?



  • Are the hearing assist devices in a clear and accessible location?
  •     When you are passing the mic for prayers, is it on? Is the person speaking using it properly?



  • Is there decaf coffee available during fellowship hour? What about alternative sugar options?
  •     If someone asks about the communion elements, did you know that our bread is gluten free and our juice sugar free to be mindful of dietary restrictions?


  • Did you know that the sense of smell is one of the most significant ways to trigger memories? And often these memories can bring back feelings of pain and anxiety.
  •     Because this is true, how are we greeting one another?  Are we being mindful of how we interact with others and trying to share God’s love? If someone seems to be acting differently than they usually do, have you asked them how you can help?
  •     Can you smell the cleaning products? We hire a cleaning company to make sure the church is clean and all people have safe access to the building.



  • Are walkways clear for people to freely move?

  •     Are chairs available for people who cannot easily access pews?
  •     Are you able to open doors for people who might be struggling to do so themselves?
  •     Is the power door powered on and accessible?


So Why Does it Matter?

Why do we have to constantly be asking ourselves about what is going on? Can’t we just do our best and call it a day?

While we can only do our best, striving to constantly be asking ourselves “whose needs are being met here” gives us the opportunity to make all feel welcome. We want to mean it when we say “no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” In order to do that, we have to be mindful of all of the ways that can play out.


The following is a non-comprehensive list of some of the ways we have worked to ensure our building allows access to all:

  • -Adequate parking lot and exterior lights
  • -Even pavement and walkways that are free from stairs or inclines
  • -An automated door for hands free entrances and exits
  • -A circle drive that allows closer access to the building than the parking lot
  • -Handicap accessible parking spots clearly marked
  • -Large print bulletins 
  • -Hearing assist devices
  • -A working sound system that allows microphones and speakers
  • -A hand rail for the chancel stairs
  • -Multiple building lights to create a clear and visible space
  • -No stairs to access the sanctuary 
  • -Water fountains at appropriate heights for all to access
  • -Sink faucets levers that are ADA approved
  • -Bathrooms (in CE wing) that are able to be locked as needed
  • -Diaper changing stations in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms
  • -Decals indicating where church rooms and offices are located
  • -Gluten free bread and sugar free juice for communion
  • -All places that require a response from the congregation in the service are printed and all instructions are made clear


While this is not everything we do, we try to make sure there are as many accommodations as possible because we understand that even though not everyone has the same needs, everyone has needs that need to be met.


When you are ushering, greeting, or volunteering in any way, please be mindful of your ability to positively impact someone’s experience at Lakeview.

We ask that if there is anything you are weary of or want continued guidance on, please reach out to anyone on the worship team and we will assist you!

Together through continued work and willingness to listen, we can continue to show God’s extravagant love for all of God’s people.


Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ

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