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Lakeview United Church of Christ
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Lakeview United Church of Christ
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Mission of the Month

Lakeview has two Missions for the Month of March—One Great Hour of Sharing and Heartfelt Tidbits.

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is a mission in which we join with Christians in seven other denominations to support relief services wherever and whenever disaster strikes in the U.S.A. and abroad, and also to provide long-term, sustainable development assistance, refugee resettlement, and social services.  OGHS continues to support Church World Service in providing relief following the devastating hurricanes of 2017 (Irma, Harvey, Maria) as well as 2018 Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle.   A $250,000 goal has been set to assist with recovery from earthquakes in Puerto Rico.  A grant was awarded to respond to emergency health and psychological problems in Gaza among Palestinian children, mothers and other women in an area targeted by recent Israeli bombardment that killed close to three dozen and injured more than 100. Winterization items are being provided in Syria for residents struggling to survive prolonged war, displacement, and economic hardship.  The UCC is also joining an ecumenical and financial response to the coronavirus.  A pilot program to help communities launch long-term recovery following disasters is also now growing ecumenically.  Our gifts allowed the U.C.C to make long term commitments to help rebuild housing and lives.   

A portion of our OGHS offering goes to refugee relief and resettlement across the world. The UCC has been integrally involved in assisting in the Syrian refugee crisis since it began in 2011.

OGHS will continue to help other poor communities find and develop new sources of food and clean water, improve health standards and literacy, offer vocational education, and provide modest loans to poor people to start small businesses in order to become self-supporting (ie. women in Africa growing coffee).  See the United Church of Christ website (search One Great Hour of Sharing) for more information.



Heartfelt Tidbits is a local organization that provides support to refugees and recent immigrants living in Southwestern Ohio by facilitating integration and self-sufficiency through our innovative education, cultural and employment-enhancing programming.

With the help of over 110 passionate volunteers and in partnership with over 75 community organizations, these programs include English and citizenship classes, connecting clients to neighborhood resources, facilitating art and sewing programs, creating community gardening projects, and promoting youth empowerment. Much of the work focuses on women who are particularly vulnerable due to limited language skills and isolation. Heartfelt Tidbits’ sewing and art programs focus on economic self-sufficiency and the building of community among refugee and immigrant women. 


Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ

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