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Lakeview United Church of Christ

Lakeview United Church of Christ

Lakeview filled up a van with items for Washington UCC"s Gifts to the Manger ministry.

Inside at Washington UCC"s Gifts to the Manger Ministry.

Thank You Letter from Washington UCC

Lakeview United Church of Christ
Inquirers' Class / New Member Sunday

Considering membership in Lakeview? Do you have an inquiring mind? Come to the Inquirers’...
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Lakeview United Church of Christ
Our Monthly Monetary Missions

Action in Mission (AIM) is the committee that leads the Lakeview congregation in reaching out to those in need in the local, regional, national, and international community. We do this by designating monthly missions for which we raise awareness and collect funds. Five of these missions are designated United Church of Christ missions. We are a "5 for 5" church" participating in all five UCC missions.

We also do hands on mission work in our community as well as fundraising. AIM coordinates a yearly mission trip for youth and adults. Here is a partial list of groups/missions that we support:

AIM (Action In Mission) coordinates a monthly mission which raises funds or collects products for local service groups. In addition, there is an annual mission "trip" for older youth and adults serving local non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or Washington UCC. Listed below are groups/missions that Lakeview supports monetarily or with hands-on volunteers:

Walnut Hills Soup Kitchen: Volunteering to prepare and serve breakfast one Saturday every other month (five times a year) or donating funds to defray costs to provide a hot breakfast to over 200 people lacking sufficient food.

The Refuge Resettlement Program:  Run by the Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio, Lakeview's donations help to supplement the small stipends each refugee receives upon arrival in the United States.

Washington U.C.C.:   Funding this local UCC congregation to help provide after-school services, backpacks and school supplies, and Christmas food and gifts for local neighbors.

One Great Hour of Sharing: Joining Christians of all denominations in providing relief, resettlement, and long term development throughout the world. A UCC mission.

Caracole:  Donating in-kind goods and funding safe, affordable housing and supportive services for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Strengthen the Church:  Equipping new UCC congregations and new generations to participate in God's mission; developing leadership in the church.

Interfaith Hospitality Network: Providing care to homeless families through a cooperative network of local faith communities. Lakeview provides volunteer hosts at other churches several nights every year. Funding programs for education, job training, life skills, and a housing search.

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund:  Meeting emergency needs in Lakeview neighborhoods/community.

Neighbors in Need:  UCC ecumenical ministries addressing hunger, racial and social justice, economic development, environmental causes, and peacemaking across denominations.

Shared Harvest:  Funding the collection, transportation and distribution of wholesome surplus food and other grocery items to 100+ food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters over a 5 county local area. Donating foodstuffs to King's Pantry for local distribution.

Santa’s Helper:  Providing Christmas gifts, food, and gift cards for adults and children in the local community.

The Christmas Fund: Financial aid for retired clergy,  lay employees, and their families.


Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ

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