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Lakeview United Church of Christ

Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Fall Leaf Clean Up

Saturday, December 11th at 8:30am,  BSA Scout Troop 617 will be here to help clean up the...
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Lakeview United Church of Christ
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Maintenance Minute

Welcome to the Lakeview Maintenance Minute!

Here you will find regular updates from our property manager regarding the current happenings behind the scenes as we continue to care for our building.

Month of November

  • The Executive Committee will review the current pest control company we use (Ace) and compare it to a competing bid (SureThing Pest Control) that seems like it will provide us with more services at a better value. Ace’s contract is up at the end of the year, so we will review and decide which company to use at the November meeting.


  • GreenSmith will provide snow removal for us this year. They are the company who cares for our grass and we are comfortable with their prices and quality of work.


  • Room 7 in the CE Wing is our designated youth space. During this month, we have completed the mini-makeover. This makeover included new paint, removal of the old cabinets, addition of a new and more modern cabinet, and some fun new touches throughout the room. Faith and Corey will continue to add touches that make the room more personalized and oriented for our younger members. Photos can be viewed in the December LINK.


  • Our new exterior wall repairs are done!!!!! The repair is completed and the new EIFS system is installed. This work will help our building be used for years to come to allow our building to be a resource for so many. Check out the photos in the December LINK


  • Matt Klein (our third party structural engineer) explained that we need to install a French drain in front of the Columbia Rd. wall. This will add longevity to the structure of the wall and the list of requirements for the drain are attached on page 4. Doug Sinclair (our landscaper) has completed this project. This project cost will be included in the contingency amount that we took out for our wall  loan and will be $2,200.


  • HuDawn will begin the sanctuary wall repair next week. This will include replacing the damaged drywall and repainting from the bottom of the windows to the floor. This will take 5-7 days and we will communicate with the congregation if it interferes with our worship services.


  • Over the past handful of months, I have been compiling inventories for each room (size, paint color, etc.), a directory of who we use for maintenance, and an updated to-do list of the different maintenance needs throughout our campus. My goal is to help create a transition that will help the church continue the property work that has been done. Moving forward, Fellowship Hall will need quite a few repairs that were not in the budget for this past year, but will need to be addressed in the upcoming year.

Drain Installation Information:

  • The goal is to install a drain system along the wall that discharges into the swale that is southeast of that wall of the church.  The drainage system will essentially be similar to a French (a.k.a. contour) drain system. The place to start is at the foundation. The soil grade along the wall should be at least 6” below the lowest edge of the wall finishes and angle away from the foundation wall at least 6” drop per 10’ of run. I emphasized the soil because water will flow along the soil line even if the soil is covered with gravel.


  • An approximately 2’ deep  trench should be dug about 2’ from the foundation. The 2’ is not a magic number. The trench just needs to be far enough from the building so that the new EIFS is not damaged during installation of the drainage system.


  • A drain line is then laid in the trench. Most landscaping firms, which do this work, will likely want to install a corrugated plastic drain line. I would prefer PVC with drainage holes because it is more durable and resistive to crush. The drain line should be covered with the drainage sock. This drainage line should be connected to a Schedule 40 PVC solid drain line at the end of the wall. This line should be run underground to the swale.


  • We recommend using a pop-up emitter at the end of the solid drain line rather than terminating by daylighting the line. Pipe ends exposed by daylighting usually get damaged by lawn mowing equipment. Pop-up emitters also diffuse the water being discharged from the drain line, potentially reducing erosion.


  • After being laid in the trench, the drain line is covered with gravel. The gravel can be pea gravel or limestone gravel. If the latter, we recommend a size of about #57 without fines. The gravel should be lightly compacted to reduce settlement. The gravel should fill the trench.


  • The material along the foundation should be gravel out to at least 2’ to help prevent damage to the EIFS during grass cutting and other grounds maintenance. Vegetation should not be allowed to grow in the gravel.


Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ
Lakeview United Church of Christ

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